A Sandy Cove Event is one where we do all the heavy lifting – and you just sign up, show up and enjoy!
There is a lot that goes into putting together a great retreat, conference or camp – besides making sure everyone gets fed and has a room to sleep in, someone has to figure out what the schedule is, who is going to speak, what kind of music would be good and who is going to provide it, what free time activities would be fun, who is going to handle sound, lights and video, who is going to decorate, etc. etc.

That’s where the Sandy Cove program team comes in!

We figure these details out all day, every day, like it is our job! (Because it is!) We think about programming events while we are sitting at red lights, while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, and in the checkout line at Target. Sandy Cove has a team of people who focus on designing, planning and hosting over 45 events throughout the year, and a cast of thousands (OK, hundreds) who work behind the scenes to help pull them off, because that is how we help you connect with God and each other!

We’ve got events for families, women, men, couples, seniors and more, so you just have to decide which ones fit you best, then come join the community!

Oh, and one more thing… more and more church groups are realizing that participating in a Sandy Cove event like a women’s weekend or men’s retreat gets them the most bang for the buck possible! We take care of the details, big and small, and that frees the group up to participate in the program and focus on building relationships with the people from their church. You even get your own meeting space and sit together at meals. It’s a win-win!

Summer Together Family Camp

It's a family vacation at Sandy Cove - choose from 5 weeks, Sunday-Friday. July 1 - August 3, 2018

Girls' Night Out & A Day Off

Women Who Dare to Believe Musical May 31 - June 1, 2018

Classic Bible Weekend

Dr. Crawford Loritts and Babbie Mason July 13-15, 2018

September Women's Weekend

Allison Allen and Cheri Keaggy September 14-16, 2018


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