July 14-16, 2017

Classic Bible Conference


Sandy Cove Classic Bible Conference Weekend

Excellent Bible teaching, inspiring music & heartwarming fellowship. A weekend with friends worth remembering!


A dictionary definition of the word “classic” helps describe a Sandy Cove Classic Bible Conference Weekend: something noteworthy of its kind and worth remembering; of enduring interest, quality, or style. By the grace of God, Sandy Cove has a long history of excellent Bible teaching, inspiring music, and heartwarming fellowship enjoyed amidst a unique part of God’s breathtaking creation.


Speaker: Walt Wiley

Walt Wiley will share from 3 classic stories in God’s Word:

  • Building a Wall…Nehemiah 3
  • Fixing a Nation…2 Kings 22
  • Saving a Life…Mark 5


Weekend Host: Neil Fichthorn

Musicians: Michael Faircloth and Jeff Vogan

Saturday Night Concert Artists: The National Christian Choir

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Overnight Weekend Guests – special Artist Circle seats for The National Christian Choir will be reserved for you!

Just attending the concert Saturday night? Be our guest! Free general seating admission – although, we will be taking an offering for Sandy Cove Ministries – so come prepared. Concert only info.


Walt Wiley


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Walt Wiley is the founder and president of Winning With Encouragement. Winning With Encouragement was established as a full time ministry in 1997. They exist to encourage people to consider a walk with God or to continue their walk with God.

Walt has spent his adult life talking. A former Walk Thru the Bible seminar instructor and chaplain of the Atlanta Braves, Walt speaks and teaches regularly in various settings. His style is motivational, inspirational, Biblical, practical and peppered with lots of humor. Walt and his wife Patti live in Charlotte, NC and have two grown sons.

In all speaking venues, Walt’s goal is simple: to communicate perceptive ideas in a memorable way so that you will leave inspired, challenged and motivated.

Visit Winning With Encouragement website


Neil Fichthorn


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Neil Fichthorn is well known to Sandy Cove “old-timers” because of his 25 year association with this ministry. He began as summer music director in 1969 while still teaching public school music. Three years later, be became full-time Director of Public Relations and Music which involved setting up large concerts in the Philadelphia, Lancaster and Baltimore areas, training large volunteer choirs and instrumentalists. During Neil’s years as music director, each summer about 40 staff musicians presented a new concert (by memory!) each Saturday evening in Palmer Auditorium, many times to capacity audiences!

When Dr. Palmer and Jack Palmer stepped aside from the daily radio broadcast, Neil was the host for several years and became the well known “voice” of Sandy Cove. Then after several years away as director of Gull Lake Bible and Missionary Conference in MI, Neil returned as President of Sandy Cove Ministries in 1990, eventually retiring in 2000. His wife, Mary Esther, was always involved in a variety of roles (from pianist to Dining Room Hostess), and the three Fichthorn children, Phillip, Barbara and Pam were on the staff from early ages until college graduation.


Michael Faircloth


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Michael Faircloth is a recording artist, Christian concert pianist and veteran “Artist in Residence” at Sandy Cove for more than twenty years. He is an accomplished concert pianist who regularly blesses Sandy Cove audiences with his original arrangements of classical, traditional and contemporary Christian music. Michael’s music is impressive and powerful, balanced by his humble spirit and generous sense of humor. He currently serves as pianist/accompanist for The National Christian Choir and on Sunday mornings when Michael isn’t performing elsewhere, he serves in the music ministry at New Life Community Church in Kingsville, Maryland.

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Jeff Vogan


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Jeff Vogan, former Director of Program Ministries at Sandy Cove from 1997-2003, Director of Worship at McLean Presbyterian Church, a 1500-member congregation just outside Washington, D.C. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Houghton College, a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Worship Studies degree from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. In addition to his responsibilities at MPC, Jeff enjoys his “musicianary” worship leading opportunities with Mission to the World – having served at Team Berlin’s annual retreat in Germany since 2008, as well as MTW’s 2013 Europe Area Retreat in Spain. Jeff and his wife, Debbie, have four children.

Visit Jeff’s website


The National Christian Choir

Saturday Night Concert Artists

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National Christian Choir was founded in 1984 by Dr. C. Harry Causey, who continued to lead the Choir for 27 years. In the summer of 2011, Kathy C. Bowman was selected to become the new Director of Music and Ministry for the Choir.

With a commitment to glorifying God and drawing people closer to Him, our first concert in 1984 was in Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, accompanied by full orchestra. With a strong desire to continue, a Board of Directors was established and our concert ministry grew to encompass all parts of the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. We eventually increased our outreach through recordings, tours, a weekly radio program, and a ministry to military personnel (Music for Our Military – or MOM for short).

The Lord has opened doors for us to sing in many places in America as well as several international tours.

Visit The National Christian Choir website

All rates are per person and include two nights lodging in the Chesapeake Lodge, six meals, program, concert and activities. ClubCove is unavailable during Classic Weekend so be advised that childcare is not included in the rates.

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