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Families. Moms and dads, kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles.


Christian Family Vacations at Sandy Cove!

The family is so important. And healthy families don’t just happen – it takes of lot of intentional time and effort and hard work to be the kind of family God wants!

You might wonder…”Will I fit in at Sandy Cove if I do not have the perfect family, or all the answers to life or a firm understanding of God?”

Yes, yes and YES!

God doesn’t expect us to be perfect families – Hallelujah!
He does expect us to try each day to be the moms and dads that our kids need. We need to be constantly growing in our relationship with God and actively working on our roles as parents. Sandy Cove offers family getaways to help you do that!

No matter what your place in life, you will be able to connect with God and others at Sandy Cove. You will find good company around you. Blended families, traditional families, splintered families and single-parent families can all find refuge, friends and renewed strength from God.

Our family getaways are a mixture of crazy family fun, family and adult worship, just plain silliness, meaningful talks about God and how His Word applies to real life, and did we mention FUN?! There are playful moments with the kids as well as quiet conversations with grown-ups.


Family Getaways at Sandy Cove


We encourage you to bring your family to Sandy Cove’s Christian Family Camp! We say it’s the awesomest vacation (for) ever because it has eternal value for your family. It’s a Christian Family Vacation…with everything programmed intentionally to help your family connect with God and each other. It’s 5 nights of your family being on a purposeful and crazy fun retreat together!


Family Events at Sandy Cove Ministries in North East, Maryland

Sandy Cove Family Camp
The awesomest vacation (for) ever!

Select Summer Weekends are designated as...

Power Boost Weekend Getaways
A boost of power to energize you for your normal work week! 

June 15-17
June 22-24
June Flex Dates
July 6-8
July 20-22
July 27-29

Catapult: APRIL and OCTOBER
A weekend for dads and their 10-13 year old boys - catapulting to the next level!

Family Events at Camp Sandy Cove near Winchester, Virginia

Father & Son Man Camp
A weekend for boys and their dads/grandpas at Camp Sandy Cove near Winchester, VA

Father & Son Working Man Camp
A FREE weekend – calling all “men” to help get Camp Sandy Cove ready for the summer!

Mother & Daughter Camp
A getaway weekend for girls and their moms / aunts / grandmas to connect, play and worship at Camp Sandy Cove!


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