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Great Memories. Family Together. Fun for Everyone.

Summer Together Family Camp. That’s what we call Family Vacations at Sandy Cove.

It’s a family vacation that intentionally focuses on time for you to connect with God and each other while you’re on vacation. Doing all the normal vacation stuff. Like playing really hard. And eating. And relaxing. And not going to work every day!

Summer 2017: Upside Down!
Jesus tells us that His kingdom is not about clawing our way to the top of the heap. Instead, He flips the whole system Upside Down, shows us how to be “downwardly mobile,” and invites us to join Him! We will spend some time at family camp this summer looking at following Jesus as He turns the world Upside Down!

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Good food. Good people. Good view. Good teaching. Good sunsets. Good lodging. Good activities. Good value. In fact, change all those goods to GREAT! – Bill, Facebook review, 2016 

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1 Pick a Week  


Speaker: Kendra & Andy Fletcher

Andy “Fletch” moonlights as a dentist to pay the bills, eternal optimist, needs coffee. Kendra, mom of 8 Fletcher kids, speaker & writer, classic overachiever

Discussing the topics that you might not find covered at your local homeschooling convention, veteran homeschooling parents and bloggers, Andy and Kendra Fletcher, use humor, honesty, and grace to pull the veil back on Christian homeschooling. 

Check out the Fletchers’ websites and blogs:
Homeschooling in Real Life
Preschoolers and Peace
The Mango Times
Kendra Fletcher

Life Coach: Joe Denner

CrossWalk Speaker: TBA

The speakers always re-focus my determination. Being surrounded by Jesus lovers all week also helps. Family time helps re-cement our family faith. - Gigi, Ellicott City, MD

Paused long enough to hear God speak right to where I was at and move me forward. - BJ, Morrisville, PA


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JULY 9-14, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Eric Mason

aka Pastor E, foodie, coffee snob, enjoys reading, writing, art and biking

Dr. Mason is the Founder & Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA, and the Founder & President of Thriving. Dr. Mason has become known for his unquenchable passion to see the glory of Jesus Christ robustly and relevantly engaged in broken cities with the comprehensive gospel. Dr. Mason has written three books: Manhood Restored, Beat God to the Punch, and Unleashed.

Visit Eric’s website
Read Eric’s blog

Life Coach: TBA

CrossWalk Speaker: TBA

Great speakers challenged and inspired. I was pushed to greater heights with family and God. Nikki, Hartford, CT

Great to be in a multi-cultural community of faith! - Steve, Willow Grove, PA


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JULY 16-21, 2017

Speaker: Ted Cunningham

Homeless Man #2 in @thebelievefilm, stalker of his wife

Ted Cunningham is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church. He is the author of The Power of Home, Fun Loving You, Trophy Child, and Young and In Love and coauthor of four books with Dr. Gary Smalley including The Language of Sex and From Anger to Intimacy. He is a regular guest on Focus on the Family, Life Today, and Moody Radio.

Life Coaches: TBA

CrossWalk Speaker: TBA

The messages truly transformed my perspective on my walk with Christ. - Gisselle & Luis, Belleville, NJ

The speaker, the worship team, the setting – God always meets us here! - Megan, Honesdale, PA


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JULY 23-28, 2017

Speaker: Rob Whittaker

Apple device lover, failed paraglider, loves food

Robʼs passion is to take the life giving teaching of the Bible and mesh it with 24/7 living in a transforming friendship with Jesus. He planted and pastored a church until joining Capernwray Torchbearers and he is now the Principal of Capernwray Bible School, based in England.

Life Coach: TBA

CrossWalk Speaker: TBA

Hearing the speakers talk so candidly and so biblically-based really helped me take a long look at myself and family. We learned ways to “follow” and how to commune with God on a minute by minute basis. Jeff & Denise, Coram, NY

Felt God everywhere…from the speaker to the sunsets! Machelle, Dundalk, MD


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JULY 30 – AUGUST 4, 2017

Speaker: Richard Dahlstrom

In his spare time, you’ll find him skiing, rock climbing, hiking & reading

Richard is a Pastor in Seattle, Washington, and a Teacher with Torchbearers Missionary Fellowship. Compelling and practical, Richard offers skeptics and Christians alike advice on living out their faith…Jesus style. He is the author of O2: Breathing New Life into Faith & The Colors of Hope.

Read Richard’s blog

Life Coaches: TBA

CrossWalk Speaker: TBA

Great time and location to study God’s Word! - Tony & Sue, Delta, PA

Thank you for making my stay at Sandy Cove something to remember. This entire trip to Sandy Cove was such a blessing. The speaker was so truthful, insightful and a blessing to hear his message. The worship service and the prayers were touching and needed for me. - Rebecca, Islandia, NY


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2 Choose Your Lodging 


Easy payment plan!

If you register and pay an initial deposit now, we can set you up with a payment plan for Family Camp 2017
with 0% financing!

Family Max Pricing is a Great Value for Large Families

Family max pricing means that after you pay for 4 people, the rest of the family members in your room, cabin or site are FREE! The purpose of family max pricing is to provide affordability for parents with children through a simplified rate structure. We define family as related members living in the same household. If you can claim them on your taxes, they count toward family maxes! Are you a grandparent bringing grandchildren? Ask if you qualify! Please bring friends and pay for them at the same rate you paid.

We’re definitely rebooking – thanks for a great time! - Christine & Scott, East Berlin, PA

Sandy Cove’s Family Camp came highly recommended and it lived up to all of the praise! What a wonderful, beautiful, amazing place to worship God and grow closer as a family! The Troll Family, Catonsville, MD 


We have choices to fit your budget

All Family Camp packages include 5 nights lodging, worship time, speakers, life coaches, time & space to process life, ClubCrib, ClubCove, CrossWalk, Collide and lots of family fun! Kids 0-3 are FREE no matter where you stay!

Choose to stay in the Chesapeake Lodge or The Campgrounds.


Chesapeake Lodge

The Chesapeake Lodge offers hotel style lodging with private bath. Most rooms have one queen bed and two twin beds. Two room suites and family rooms are also popular choices. When you stay in the Chesapeake Lodge, no cooking is required! Your all-inclusive Lodge package includes 15 all-you-can-eat meals, Sunday dinner-Friday lunch.

Chesapeake Lodge Family Camp Package
$720 per person
$2880 family max


Treat yourself to an upgraded room!
Ask about 2 room suites – a few with Jacuzzis! Or an extra room to accommodate your family.
Upgraded charge is per room, not per person

See the Chesapeake Lodge Rooms

The Campgrounds at Sandy Cove


Choose a deluxe Log Cabin or your own RV or tent. When you stay in the campgrounds you will need to bring your own food and cook it your way. The log cabins have kitchenettes with kitchen supplies, but if you’re in a campsite – bring the charcoal and coolers! Campground packages include Thursday night dinner – banquet for the adults and the kids eat in ClubCove/CrossWalk. 

Log Cabins

$1,940 family max
($485 for extra non-family members)


$1,040 family max
($260 for extra non-family members)
please note: these cabins are rustic – a step up from a tent!

RV Camping Site

$200 per person
$800 family max

Tent Camping Site

$160 per person
$640 family max

Learn more about RV and tent camping
Learn more about Log Cabins 

Please note: There is a minimum occupancy of 4 in each cabin.

Here’s our cancellation policy for all lodging options:
Cancellation before April 1: your monies paid to date will be refunded LESS $100.
Cancellation after April 1: forfeit your full payment…unless we or you can fill your space with another family.
Non-payment of your balance when due may cause the cancellation of your reservation.

Sandy Cove is our ‘safe place’ here on earth. - April, Churchville, PA

 Time spent at Sandy Cove…priceless! - Stephanie, Bowie, MD  

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3 Come See What God Does!




How we vacation looks differently for every family because God made every family special and unique!

Some families play hard and are happy falling into bed exhausted each night, knowing that they did it all! Others like a little slower pace and that’s OK too. So, there are lots of options – all centered around fun, family, friends, food and God.

Sometimes families are all together…for family worship, splashing in the pool, trying all kinds of adventures, laughing at silly shows, eating.

Sometimes it’s easier to connect with others your own age, so the kids can go get goofy with other kids and moms and dads can take a breath and actually talk to each other.


Just do it! I guarantee you will be back year after year. You will make friends for life, be inspired by speakers, involved in the worship, encouraged by the fellowship and embrace the beauty of this place. Jesus never fails! - Linda, Facebook review


What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Here’s a general idea – but remember everything is optional!
Family Camp runs Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon.

In general, mornings are a combination of family worship, adults and kids programs; afternoons are for play; and every night will have the option of kid stuff, family stuff and an adult session of some type as well.

You’ll get a complete schedule, with all the details at check in.

7:23 am Rise and Shine
Family Brown Bag Devotions
8:27 Breakfast
9:32 Drop off the baby at ClubCrib
9:39 Family worship in the Chesapeake Auditorium
10:17 Kids / Teens: head out to ClubCove / CrossWalk fun
Adults / Collide: More worship and then dig into God’s word with the main speaker
11:32 Kids / Teens: still with ClubCove / CrossWalk
Adults / Collide: Spaghetti Session…where noodles are used (Thanks! I’ll be here all week!)
12:13 pm Round up the kids and head to LUNCH!
1:01 Volleyball tournament, to the moonbounce, to the pool, on to the craft shop, then ping pong
OR Big Swing, to parasailing, to kayaking, to the 10th Hole Snack Shop to Frisbee golf
OR Any one of 3 million other permutations possible each afternoon!
5:37 Dinner time with family and friends
6:57 Drop the kids off at ClubCove and CrossWalk, head to adult worship and teaching time, regroup afterward and hit the pool
OR Bring everyone (except maybe ClubCribbers) to a Family Experiential Learning activity, then play a round of mini golf, and finish up at the 10th Hole Snack Shop for late night ice cream
OR Come to adult worship and teaching, and stick around for the hymn sing with Michael Faircloth, visit with a few old time friends, then treat them to a cone at the 10th Hole Snack Shop
OR Any other combination you come up with…


Amazing! Restful! Connecting! Laughing! Praying! Sandy Cove creates the space for us to draw near to God and as a couple. As a family, we spent quality time together really talking and listening to each other! - The Mercado Family, River Vale, NJ

Everything is centered around families and encouraging us to be stronger Christian families who “do” life together. Everything from the brown bag devotionals to eating together and the recreational activities that are fun to do – no matter the age! - Mike, Cumberland, MD

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Here’s a look at some of the fun stuff available during Sandy Cove Family Camp!

Free time is fun time at Sandy Cove, not ONLY for the exercise, or to cool off, or to experience an adrenaline rush or to get sore muscles and feel like you’ve accomplished something. When we play together, we build bonds, strengthen relationships and make memories, and that’s what it’s all about!

It was a great experience for our family to enjoy time together – something for EVERY age to enjoy! Ben, Mears, MI



Fun stuff available at scheduled times

Please note some of our activities are “age graded” for maximum safety and enjoyment of the participants. We also have QuikTiks that we use for a few popular activities, to help people not spend too much time waiting in line. The ticket is for a specific activity on a specific day and time, and holds your spot for you. We’ll use QuikTiks for any activity involving being dragged behind a boat: wavecutter, tubing, waterskiing, kneeboarding, & wakeboarding. Our goal is to give at least one ride on one of these to everyone who is interested – you’ll just have to decide on the method of dragging each family member would prefer.


• Enclosed sports pool and hot tub
• Outdoor swimming pools/ kiddie pool
• Key Log coming Summer 2017!!
Modest swimsuits are required for adults and children (one-piece for women and girls of all ages, baggy shorts for men and boys)

High Adventure & Marina
These activities require a signed waiver and may have minimum age limits for participation.
• Zip line (must be at least 12 years old)
• Big swing (must be at least 12 years old)
• Rock climbing wall (must be at least 8 years old)
• Cargo Net coming in 2017! (must be at least 8 years old)
• Waterskiing
• Wave cutter/tube rides
• Pontoon boat cruises
• Parasailing $
• Canoes, Kayaks & Paddleboats

And Even More!
• Craft Cottage $ – ceramics, jewelry, tie dye
• Paper rockets – build and launch
• Moon bounce (9 & under)
• Pedal carts (9 & under)
• Pony rides (100 lbs and under)
• S’mores
• Archery
• Archery Tag®… it combines archery, paintball, and dodge ball type of ideas and is good fun! You use bows and arrows, with what look like marshmallows on the end.

Fun stuff available almost any time you want to play

• Fitness center
• Basketball/volleyball/softball (courts open for general use, but look for tournament times too!)
• Soccer/tennis 
• Fishing (license required)
• Miniature golf/shuffleboard/Frisbee Golf (look for tournament times too!)
• Playgrounds
• Ping-pong/billiards/foosball/air hockey (look for tournament times too!)
• Carpetball
• Gaga

I have been coming here for over 28 years. I drove over 2100 miles to vacation here. They have such a family friendly environment with tons of activities. Pools, miniature golf, disc golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, rocket building, basketball, volleyball, zip lines, camping or hotel. What an amazing place!
Joel, Google Review

Our family, over 30 of us, enjoy coming to Sandy Cove and spending our vacation together – even though we all live in the same vicinity. There is a lot of variety offered for everyone to have fun. Constantino & Martha, Westville, NJ

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Simple answer? YES!!  

I love getting to go to Sandy Cove. I wish I could stay for the whole summer. I miss Sandy Cove. I love everything! Simeon, age 5

During each week of Sandy Cove Family Camp there are special “Clubs” for kids! Kids can go to their club in the morning and sometimes in the evening, during adult teaching times. The “Clubs” are run by trained staff who have planned all kinds of fun and safe stuff that each age group will like the best. The hours are filled with swimming, crafts, games, sports, music, Bible teaching and new friends! Meanwhile, parents enjoy their own times of worship, teaching and fellowship. Your family will gather together again for meals, afternoon fun and other special activities!

Loved the ClubCove teachers! Always very friendly & helpful & encouraging to our kids. Kevin, York, PA


Infants from 0-3 are part of “ClubCrib” – which allows them special early drop off times. Babies are well-cared for with accommodations for napping and changing. You may see them getting stroller rides around Sandy Cove!

Dear Sandy Cove, I wish I could come back tomorrow. Thank you for a great time with my family. I loved all the people that came here. (Word for word after she stopped crying because she didn’t get to say goodbye.) Myla, age 3


Kids are divided into age groups. We try to keep the “Clubs” as small as possible for ages 4 – 11. Typically two year age spans are grouped together (4s & 5s, 6s & 7s…you get the idea!). Bible lessons and singing are an integral part of ClubCove. Fun activities include playground time, crafts, swimming, water games, mini-golf, scavenger hunts and lots more!

Loved our time at Sandy Cove. Kids cry every time we leave. Matthew, Gambrills, MD

I wish I lived at Sandy Cove. I wish it was closer. I want to stay there all summer. Thanks for a fun vacation! Elianna, age 9


This high energy program has been designed to meet the needs of Jr. and Sr. High students.

Intentional Bible study designed to help students grow as disciples of Christ are taught by experienced pastors and youth pastors. Special activities are planned and facilitated by dedicated CrossWalk staff who have the energy and expertise to create spectacular experiences!

So grateful for Club Cove – it gave my son the opportunity to socialize with other kids his age and he had a blast! Erin, Flemington, NJ

Got Grown Up Kids? Collide!

Collide meets the needs of post high school young adults. The program is very casual and informal, providing a platform for these ‘kids’ to come together, grow spiritually and make lasting friendships. They get to enjoy the engaging speakers in the main sessions, and then the Collide group meets during Spaghetti Time to process what they just heard.

For the safety of your children, a background check is done on every applicant over the age of 18, which is also required by law. The ClubCove and CrossWalk directors, professionals in the fields of childcare and/or youthwork, not only supervise the staff, but work alongside of them to provide a safe and fun experience for your children. In addition, many of our staff are Elementary and Secondary Education college majors with “hands-on” experience with children and young adults. There are always 2 staff working together with groups of children, to ensure no child is left alone with a single staff member. If you have concerns, please feel free to contact us at

The teachers at Club Cove were amazing and loved our children well. My shy, timid, introverted five year old went from “when are we going home?” (on Monday) to “Do we get to come back?” (on Thursday) Thank you! Shaila, Lutherville, MD

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If you are staying in the Chesapeake Lodge, meals are a part of your package. These are served all-you-can-eat buffet style, typically with a “kiddie bar” featuring items kids are more willing to eat, as well as the regular “adult food” buffet. Good food and plenty of it has been our catch phrase for years – you won’t go hungry!

We were able to spend time as a family without worrying about food and other responsibilities of life. We learned a lot from the speakers and used the life coach to help with some communication issues as a couple. God is good…all the time! Matt & Catherine, Clarksboro, NJ

If you are staying in the Campgrounds, food is not included in that package (except for Thursday dinner), so you will want to plan accordingly. The log cabins have kitchenettes with kitchen supplies, but if you’re on a campsite – bring the charcoal and coolers! Sandwiches are also available for purchase at The 10th Hole Snack Shop.

Special banquet!

On Thursday evening, there is a banquet for the adults, while the kids eat pizza with their ClubCove and CrossWalk groups for dinner. If you have very young children you will have a chance to feed them before dropping them off at ClubCove. Adults from the campground are invited to the banquet as well, for no extra cost. This banquet is a good opportunity to dress up a little, but we’ll still feed you if a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops are the best you can do. Teens are permitted to join their parents at the banquet provided they sign up at the KWC before noon on Tuesday, and commit to participating as an adult throughout the evening.


We can help with special food needs!

If you or a family member have food allergies, or other medically related food restrictions we can help with that – just fill out the “Food for Thought” form. Then let your server know when you come, so they can connect you with alternative food items when required.

The kitchen staff went out of their way to accommodate our food allergies! Ruth, Grants Pass, OR

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Maybe even find answers to those very specific questions you didn’t know you had!

Q. Can we bring our pets?
A. No. (well, maybe…) Though we don’t allow pets here at Sandy Cove in the lodge or the Pioneer Campground & RV Park, there is a beautiful pet boarding facility a mile before you get to Sandy Cove on Rt. 272. Call Chesapeake Country Pet Lodge (410-287-6670) for more information.

Q. Can we bring our bikes?
A. You can, but there are not really any good places to ride them. Our road is narrow and has many blind curves, and everything else is sidewalk or parking lot with cars and/or people. Some of the campgrounders use bikes in the campground and for some back and forth, but in general their safety liability outweighs their helpfulness, so it’s not worth the trouble. If you choose to bring bikes, please bring and wear helmets. For bikers under 16, helmets aren’t just a good idea – they are the law.

Q. What about skateboards?
A. Ditto the above.

Q. Can we bring our boat?
A. Yes. (maybe) Our marina is tidal, and tends to be rather shallow. Therefore boats do best on moorings, away from our floating docks. We have a few extra moorings for guests to use, and we can also help launch you. (Though it typically takes high tide and our tractor to do it.) It is best to call ahead to discuss specifics with Nate (ex. 432) before trailering in. If you are calling one of our campgrounds home, please know that your boat/trailer cannot live at your site with you. You may park them in the large parking lot between the tennis courts and the playground.

Q. Well what can I bring??
A. Sometimes people forget sunglasses, sunscreen, favorite hat, flip flops, softball glove, swimsuit (one piece, modest, of course), camera, Bible, notebook, beach towel, blanket (for sitting out on the grass in our “amphitheater”), bug spray, Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt, fishing pole, toothbrush, and/or a smile (we have extras of these, we can give you one).

Q. What should I forget?
A. Don’t pack firearms, fireworks, fire ants, illegal drugs, alcohol, llamas or javelins.

Q. How much money should I bring?
A. All of it. You won’t actually spend that much – sure there is the 10th Hole Snack Shop, the Craft Shop, the Bookstore, parasailing, and the soda machine, but beyond that it’s all included… But that just leaves more for the offering on Thursday, right?

Q. What is the water in front of Sandy Cove and can I fish there?
A. Technically, it’s the North East River, untechnically, the top of the bay, poetically “the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay.” Any who, you can fish from our pier (being aware of other guests walking by) or the rip-rap or jetty. (casting off the jetty AWAY from the canoeing area.) Maryland/Chesapeake Bay regulations apply, and licenses can be purchased at Wal-mart on Route 40 or Herb’s Tackle Shop on Main Street in North East.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Dress at Sandy Cove is casual, and you should prepare for temperature extremes. Outside is typically hot and humid; inside the Lodge is generally 42 degrees. (OK, it just feels like that when you come inside on some afternoons) In keeping with the idea of community, we encourage the idea of dressing modestly. Naturally, there is a wide range of opinion on what this actually looks like, but the goal is to avoid being a temptation or distraction to others, particularly of the opposite gender. So, clothing that is very tight, low cut, revealing, etc, is best left at home. Also, we promote, and to a degree require, modesty at the pool. Our guideline is that everyone wear a “one piece, modest” bathing suit. This means baggy trunks or board shorts for the guys instead of Speedos. (And for the record, boxer shorts and/or cut offs are not ok) It’s trickier with the gals, as some tankinis have good, modest coverage, and we smile on that… Where some one piece suits are cut (low, high and in between) in a way that does not cover very well, and we frown on that – well, only half a second before asking you to put on a t-shirt and carry on. Let’s all remember the goal, as many in the community appreciate the efforts of others in keeping our pool and waterfront moderately modest. (redundant, I know, but I like it!)

Q. Where can I get a snack?
A. The 10th Hole Snack Shop is our poolside snack shop, with a good lineup of sandwiches, and other “real food” besides the ice cream, milkshakes, candy, drinks, etc. They have hours each afternoon and evening, and offer a reasonably priced alternative to “roughing it” for lunch out there in the campgrounds, as well as snacks between meals for everyone! The Campground Store offers some of the basics – including candy, drinks and ice cream novelties. In the Lodge, there are several vending areas for drinks, snacks available to purchase at the Front Desk and complimentary coffee. Coffee is available 24 hours a day at the Kalbach Welcome Center and morning and evening at the Front Desk.

Q. What is a QuikTik?
A. This is a system we use for just a few popular activities, to help people not spend too much time waiting in line. The ticket is for a specific activity on a specific day and time, and holds your spot for you. Most of our activities have little or no wait, but we’ll use QuikTiks for any activity involving being dragged behind a boat: wavecutter, tubing, waterskiing, kneeboarding, & wakeboarding. Our goal is to give at least one ride on one of these to everyone who is interested – you’ll just have to decide on the method of dragging each family member would prefer. A couple weeks before your arrival, we’ll email you instructions to select your QuikTik so it’s ready when you get here. Also we’ll use QuikTiks for Pony Rides, because efficiency is good when you have 4 year olds waiting in line… Those will NOT be online – just pick them up at the Kalbach Welcome Center when you come. Likewise, tickets for the pontoon boat will be at the KWC when you come.

Q. Can I do laundry at Sandy Cove?
A. Sure! The housekeepers will be glad for the help. Oh. You mean your own laundry? Yes, you can do that too – both the Lodge and the Pioneer Campground have coin-op laundry facilities.

Q. What’s this I hear about parasailing?
A. Yeah we have a subcontractor, Captain Glenn, who runs Old Town Parasailing and comes over here during the summer to pick up business. Stop by the welcome center for more info, and you can sign up and pay there as well. Rides are about 10 minutes and Captain Glenn gives us a really good deal on the per person price.

Q. What is a LifeCoach?
A. We have a LifeCoach here each week of the summer – they will be doing some teaching, and also a lot of listening. They are especially skilled in helping people process and sort through what is going on in their lives, in order to become more like Jesus and respond to life’s circumstances in the best possible way. If that sounds good to you, listen for details about how you can sign up for a meeting with the LifeCoach while you are here.

Q. Why do you have a Summer photographer and videographer?
A. Wouldn’t you like to see your family’s smiling face on this website? Our staff photographer will be taking candid and posed shots all summer long to use in publications and promotions for Sandy Cove or future Sandy Cove programs and events. If you are opposed to having your picture taken and possibly used in this way, simply indicate that to the staff member with the camera, and your wishes will be respected. Otherwise, your registration for this event indicates your permission to use your photo for promotional purposes. Our staff videographer will be capturing the action and the sounds (noise?) of a week of Family Camp. You may also sign up for a family portrait session. At the end of the week, we send you home with a DVD which includes all the family portraits and the highlight video!

Q. Where’s the TV and do you have WiFi and will my phone work?
A. We encourage people to disconnect (from cell phones, TV, computer, etc) in order to reconnect (with God, family and friends) and this is the main reason we do not have televisions in the guest rooms. Even people with initial misgivings about this are usually thankful for a break from TV by the end of their stay. We also understand that not everyone can completely disconnect, so we are happy to offer FREE wireless access throughout the Chesapeake Lodge and a computer kiosk in the Morning Cheer Café. No longer limited due to Sandy Cove’s rural location, our new 50 Mbps fiber optic feed allows for hundreds of simultaneous connections. There is also a TV room on the 1st floor just off the main lobby that you can access with your room key, as well as a TV in the fitness center. Cell coverage is generally good on the grounds, but can diminish the “deeper” you get into the lodge.

Q. Are there a bunch of rules?
A. We are not really about rules, but hopefully you have seen that we are big on community. Part of this involves everyone looking out for the interests of others, for the benefit of all. For example, many appreciate Sandy Cove as a safe place for their family, but that only happens when the rest of the community makes it so. This means that instead of taking a vacation from their kids, parents are still actively supervising them, knowing where they are and what they are doing at all times. This also involves guests recognizing that other guests may be resting in their rooms and limiting noise and activity in the halls and near the sleeping areas. (particularly after 10 PM) We all have rights, but in community, sometimes we can be so right, we are wrong… This is a great environment to teach, model, and practice consideration of others.

Q. Why do you have waivers & age limits?
A. We have a number of activities that require a waiver form be filled out and signed for all participants. These are activities that can be dangerous, particularly if participants ignore rules and instructions or do not use common sense. The waiver makes people aware of risk, and allows them to limit our liability in exchange for permission to participate in these activities. The activities requiring a waiver are: rock climbing, big swing, zip line, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, etc. (anything on the bay)

We have some age limits to help make sure people are ready to handle the activities, are the right size, and have things to look forward to. It looks like this:

Moon Bounce: 9 and under
Rock Wall: 8 and up
Zip Line: 12 and up
Big Swing: 12 and up
Hot Tub: 15 and up

It is most efficient to have families look over and validate a waiver in advance using the internet, and you will be sent a link in your pre-event email to easily do this, but we have paper copies people can sign here too. If you have validated a waiver, we give you colored wristbands to wear for the week – white means you are 8, 9, 10 or 11 and can do the rock wall, purple means you are at least 12 and can do the zip line and/or big swing. Wavecutter, water skiing, tubing, kneeboarding, etc are more of a parent’s judgment call in terms of what age. And canoes, kayaks, paddle boats (as well as swimming) require a parent’s supervision if under 12.

Q. Who is in charge here, anyway?
A. Well, these guys are the “two headed monster” that plan and program Family Camp. And of course there is a cast of thousands helping to actually pull it off!

Nate Ransil, “IHOP” Director of Program Ministries
Stephen Weaver, President/CEO

Q. Is that all the questions I have?
A. That’s a good question.


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