Family Camp One Night at a Time

Family Camp One Night at a Time

Need Flexibility?

One Night At A Time lets you work around sports, work and summer class schedules!
Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 nights!

What’s included in a Family Camp One Night at a Time package?

All activities and program available on the day(s) you choose to join us! That includes times of worship, speakers, ClubCrib, ClubCove, CrossWalk, Collide, swimming, marina and lots of family fun! AND your package includes food…dinner on the day you check in, breakfast and lunch the following day.

Please remember…each week has been programmed as a 5-night experience. Friday builds on Thursday, Thursday builds on Wednesday, Wednesday builds…you get the idea! Consider joining us for 5 nights of Family Camp to get the full experience!

Check in: 4 pm
Check out: 10 am (but stay and have fun throughout the afternoon!)

To Register Call 410-287-5433 or 800-234-COVE (2683)

One Night At A Time Rates
$144 per person per night / $576 family max per night
Kids 0-3 are FREE.

One Night at a Time rate is available during the 5 weeks of Family Camp 2017, Sunday through Thursday nights, June 18-23, July 9 – August 4.

There is an additional fee if you need or want a second room.