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Operation Oasis Free Stay

Sandy Cove Operation Oasis

Families Reconnected | Marriages Strengthened | Spiritual Refreshment

Sandy Cove Ministries created Operation Oasis shortly after 9/11 as a way to say THANK YOU for the sacrifices made by our military. Any service man or woman in uniform, including those in the Reserve and National Guard, returning home from an overseas deployment that separated them from their family within the last 12 months, may come to Sandy Cove with their immediate family for FREE! One time opportunity. 


Sandy Cove Ministries is a recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal from the DC National Guard.

This is our family’s first chance to get away together since my recent return from Afghanistan. Sandy Cove is the only place that has lifted our family up to God. To feel the comfort and presence of God like we have here has been like coming home to a wonderful, warm hug. 

How It Works

  1. Apply for your free stay now (This will verify your eligibility)
  2. Choose the event you want to attend
  3. We will contact you to finalize your free stay - enjoy!

Sandy Cove wants to create an Oasis that helps your family reconnect emotionally, physically and spiritually after the separation experienced during a hardship tour.

Apply For Operation Oasis  


We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the role that you have played in helping us to reconnect after deployment. We have truly been blessed through Operation Oasis. We laughed, we cried, we prayed together in this spiritually awesome place. - The Ws

Thank you so much for serving those who serve. I was looking forward to this trip while I was in Afghanistan. It helped me while there, knowing I had something like this to attend and reconnect with my family. I know I am very blessed with my family, faith and country – your Operation Oasis, staff and facility are wonderful reminders of God’s grace.” - Anonymous 

More Help For Military Families

  1. Marriage Intensive for you and your spouse—80% OFF! Apply Here.
  2. 10% military discount for all program events for ALL military personnel. 

This discount is available to any member of the armed forces (any branch) and their immediate family members living in their household.


This weekend made us realize that we jumped back to the daily grind too quickly when my husband returned from his deployment. We have been playing ‘catch-up’ on home, finances, work, etc., when we needed more time to ease back into being a family. Operation Oasis has made us realize that we need to not let the ‘gravel’ of life consume our time as it has been – but we need time to put the ‘big rocks’ of God and family first, and the rest will take care of itself. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! -The P Family