OCTOBER 12-13, 2017

Girls’ Night Out and A Day Off!


Be blessed and encouraged! Laugh and worship!

At the end of a long day…
take time to relax and laugh at Sandy Cove!

Make it a Girls’ Night Out and A Day Off!
Thursday evening – Friday morning (or Thursday evening only is called Girls' Night Out)


Check in any time after 4 pm.
Take a walk, do some shopping, chat with all your friends!


Start your evening with a delicious dinner buffet in the Water’s Edge Dining Room. Then relax in the Chesapeake Auditorium for a time of entertainment, worship and laughter!


Spend the night in the Chesapeake Lodge and relax over breakfast in the Water’s Edge Dining Room. Fellowship with your sisters in Christ… devotions and “girlfriend time” with the Girls’ Night Out special guests… and take some time to connect with God before heading home for the busy weekend!

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Anita Gutschick - For Such A Time As This

Special Guest

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For every performer, there’s a key role and a key moment, and for Anita Gutschick both came in 1998. She had been performing character sketches of biblical women for years but had decided that she was more interested in pursuing a career in secular theater. Yet on that key day in 1998, a woman in the audience came up to her after a church performance and said, “I really need to thank you.” Confused, Anita just nodded. After a moment’s silence, the woman added, “I’m Lot’s Wife.” Her husband had recently died of cancer, and Anita’s performance of Lot’s Wife helped her summon the faith to look forward to the future. This experience convinced Anita that God was calling her to full-time ministry with Women of the Bible.

Since then, Anita has performed Women of the Bible over 1,000 times (and counting!) in more than 36 states and the District of Columbia. She has appeared at small and large churches, women’s retreats and conferences, denominational gatherings, youth groups, and even birthday parties. Along the way, Anita has traveled tens of thousands of miles to bring the stories of biblical women to today’s audiences.

Anita is an accomplished actress with a resume that includes roles in many community theater groups, including the Colonial Players of Annapolis. She is known in the greater Baltimore/Washington, DC area for her extensive stage work as well as her work in radio and film. She has studied acting, voice, and movement.

Anita has been a member of Christians in Theatre Arts, The Network of Biblical Storytellers and the Religious Conference Management Association. She is active in her church, has served as a deacon, and has participated in Bible Study Fellowship. In 2004 she took a Walk to Emmaus – De Colores!

Come get to know Queen Esther, Lot’s Wife and Rahab; three women that demonstrate the power of women. Experience their struggles, decisions, fears. Join them in laughter and lessons. See how God can use the most unlikely woman to do great things; an orphan and a prostitute. In the case of Lot’s Wife see how by clinging to the past she was derailed from the future God had planned for her!

$89 per person
All rates are per person and include Thursday night lodging in the Chesapeake Lodge, dinner, breakfast, Thursday program and Friday devotions. Rates are the same no matter how many are in the room. 

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