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Youth night at sandy cove

Glow Night!

February 26, 2018   |   6-9:30 pm

9 square in the air.jpg

We're going to Glow in the Dark!

The lights go out. The games light up. The music blasts.

9 Square in the Air. Rock Wall. Gaga.

Like you never played them before!

Face painting too!


  Youth Groups or Individuals Welcome!

Middle School and High School youth welcome! Looking for an easy to plan February activity for your youth group? Put the gang in the bus and head to Sandy Cove! We'll provide a well-rounded evening of fun and a time to be challenged in our walk with the Lord together. You can park your car or bus in the parking lot just past the tennis courts on the right - before you get to the main Lodge. Park as far down that lot as you can - you are headed for Palmer Connect-itorium. It's the big building just beyond the first one you see (with the loading dock). 


  Bring a signed waiver form with you

It's permission to climb our indoor rock wall - get it here.


  What to wear?

Comfy clothes - jeans, sneakers, layers (tshirt, hoodie) and if you want to STAND out in the GLOW, wear white/yellow/flourescent shirts!


  Low Cost for a Lot of Fun!

$5 per person, includes pizza, one soda/water and all activities

Bring some extra cash for snacks...candy bars, munchies, extra sodas


  Contact Info

Call Nate at 717.819.6580 or email: bigbronate@comcast.net