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NOV 9-11, 2018

November Women's Weekend

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Framed by Grace: How the Father's Love Redeems Your Story

with Co-Speakers: Laura Acuna and Kim Hyland

Kim's sessions

Session One ~ Finding Freedom in Our Imperfection

But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. ~2 Corinthians 4:7


Perfectionism and striving are a common theme in the lives of many Christian women. We’ve been forgiven and set free but too often find ourselves enslaved again by the law and “spiritual perfectionism.” Kim knows this theme well. For years, she embraced a try-hard life, but in His mercy God sabotaged her strategies. In the midst of brokenness and deep discouragement, He revealed His love and grace like she’d never known before and began to teach her the freeing lessons of grace.


As Kim shares her story, we’ll discover:

  • Why perfectionism is so tempting (spoiler alert: we were made for perfection)
  • The essential nature of pride and humility
  • The chain-breaking power of confession and forgiveness
  • How to find contentment with our imperfection and weakness
  • How God’s perfection meets us in our imperfection


Session Two ~ Your Beautiful “Once Upon a Time”

Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. ~Psalm 139:16


There’s a reason our love for story is universal. We are made in the image of a storytelling God. God is the author of your story, and it is good and beautiful. But sometimes we get stuck on the difficult pages and chapters and allow them to define our story. Or we fail to see the unique beauty and redemption of our story because we get caught up in comparison.


In this session, we will consider

  • The traps of insecurity and comparison
  • How to view our individual stories against the backdrop of Psalm 139
  • How to define our identity
  • The power of gratitude and trust in our stories
  • How embracing our individual stories equips us to fulfill our part in the bigger story of the Body of Christ

Laura's Sessions

Session One: A Clean Slate: Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Everything that we have – right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start – comes from God by way of Jesus Christ. - 1 Corinthians 1:30


We are so hard on ourselves. We take on false beliefs, especially those related to negatives from our past, and operate as if they are truth. By doing so, we allow our ‘slates’ to be written upon with incorrect ideas of ourselves, of God, and of His intentions toward His children. As a result, we can be trapped in the debilitating cycle of shame and guilt.

This message, based on Laura’s testimony and the Word of God, will challenge and equip each woman to:

  • Discover that do-overs and clean slates are God’s specialty!
  • Replace self-condemnation and self-pity with self-compassion
  • Identify areas where your past is affecting your present and future
  • Trust the Lord to wipe your slate clean
  • Hand the chalk over to God and allow Him to write a new story

Session Two: Making Peace with Your Broken Story

Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story. – Psalm 107:2


For so many of us, our story - particularly the difficult things that have happened in our past - bring us anything but peace. We may spend years running from or denying our story, but in doing that, we lock up a part of ourselves that needs to be understood and a testimony that needs to be heard.  When we make peace with our unedited story, we discover that God is a redeemer, repairer and restorer of broken thinking, broken hearts and broken dreams.


Building on lessons from Session One, Laura will help women understand that:

  • You can own your story or your story can own you
  • Every event in your life has passed through His sovereign hand
  • There is nothing too difficult for Him to reframe with His grace
  • Your story does not disqualify you – it is exactly what qualifies you for ministry
  • God is glorified through the broken and redeemed stories of His children
Laura Acuna

Laura Acuna


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I am no different from you. I want to live the abundant and effective life God has planned just for me, to be in His perfect will – but often times I miss the mark. I am such a work in progress. The truth is: I talk way too much; I over-think everything; I have been called ‘flighty’; and (to quote Beth Moore) “I’m blonder than I pay to be.” Yet, in spite of it all, today I walk in freedom and joy in a way that escaped me for many, many years. I am one grateful girl!

Because of God’s love, grace, and healing, I have an unquenchable desire to know Him more deeply. I am committed to applying His Word to my life so I can continue to grow and mature. I feel compelled to testify to His character as a redeemer of broken thinking, broken hearts, and broken dreams. He certainly is all of those things to me – and He is for you, too.

I’m married to Pat, the man I met when we both had parts in an Italian opera at our local community college. He had the role of a non-singing priest and I played an Italian peasant in the chorus! That meeting, when we were both 20 years old, led to a friendship – then a courtship – and now a marriage of 33 years. We are polar opposites of each other; he is laid back, calm and thoughtful – and I am…well, the opposite! We ARE the same on the important things, though – our lifetime commitment to the Lord, tending to our marriage, and devotion to our three sons. Many things have changed for us over the years – but those three things, in that order, have remained the same.

Just like you, I wear many hats! Along with being a wife to Pat and a mom to Patrick, Grant and Matthew, I am also a speaker, blogger and the co-founder of Sisters in Faith Ministries (which includes The Manorwood Café and Step-Up Coaching for Women in Ministry). I LOVE to serve women through speaking, writing, teaching and coaching. My family worships and serves at Damascus Road Community Church.

A few other favorite things… A fire in our backyard fire pit on a cool Fall evening; sitting under our big old maple tree with a book on a warm day; any time we are together as a family; a long chat with a good friend; make-up, jewelry and all things ‘girlie’, and an addiction to all manner of British period drama now that Downton Abbey has ended!

Kim Hyland

Kim Hyland


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Daughter. Follower. Wife. Mom. Friend.

That's my life in just five words, but there are so many more. My story was written before there was time, and it is revealed to me step by step and day by day. While the story is mine, I am not the main character. My loving Father wrote it, and He is my story's hero. As I live it, I want to write about it. I want to share my joys, sorrows, and lessons learned as a fellow sojourner.

Kim Hyland is a writer, a speaker, and the founder and host of Winsome an annual retreat for women that celebrates authenticity, diversity, and truth. She is also the author of An Imperfect Woman: Letting Go of the Need To Have It All Together. Kim speaks at national retreats and conferences, where she encourages women by sharing her imperfect path and God’s perfect plans. Originally from the DC metro area, she now lives with her family on a mountain overlooking the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Jaime Jamgochian

Jaime Jamgochian

Worship Leader

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Sitting down to talk with worship artist Jaime Jamgochian you quickly realize she is a woman of faith who God is using in many different ways through her music and message. It’s immediately evident she has a passion to see people know how much God loves them and a desire to see that reality change their lives—because it has changed hers. 

Jaime came to know the Lord at 21 at Berklee College of Music . God completely changed her life and it is her greatest desire to see people encounter Jesus in a real way.

This Boston-native is still a worship leader at heart.  Whether leading as a guest at churches, conferences or on various tours her heart is to see people encounter the presence of God.  Several of Jaime’s singles are still being played at Christian radio stations & many churches are incorporating them in their Sunday morning worship set lists. “The Stand”—one of Jamgochian’s favorites to lead because of the theme of “surrender”—is one of her highest radio charting songs to date, falling in line with a discography that includes two full-length albums on Centricity Records. One of her most well known original songs “Hear My Worship” spent 12 weeks at  #1 on national Christian radio and she was the #1 Inspirational artist on the Billboard charts in 2008. In addition to traveling in ministry, Jaime is on staff at a thriving local church The Belonging Co. in Nashville. She’s currently working on a new album as well as writing her first book that she hopes will equip the church and encourage people to walk in their purpose in the waiting, know their worth and embrace each season.

Through her contagious smile, songs of hope and down to earth ways, she has been able to minister all over the globe. There is a sweet presence of God you will sense as she plays, sings and shares about the one who set her free.

Life Coaching Appointments

with Debbie Mascioli
of Empowering Purpose Coaching & Consulting Service

Life Coaching helps take someone from where they are to where they want to be! Sometimes we just feel stuck, & need someone to talk to. Life Coaching is the art of listening to an individual and through asking strategic questions, helping that person discover solutions to move forward. Debbie's passion is to encourage women to embrace their position and promises in Christ in order to experience the breakthrough that will empower them to move forward in their God-given purpose! With 25+ years of experience she is a spirit led, gifted listener which sets her apart from others. Coaching is a trusted relationship between Coach & Client, however she invites the Holy Spirit into the process. Deb is certified as a John Maxwell International Coach, Speaker, Teacher & Trainer; a Biblical Breakthrough Life Coach; and a Peacemaker Christian Conciliator, Conflict Coach.

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