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June 2018 - Specific dates available

Power Boost Flex Getaway

Power Boost Swimming.jpg

Experience a Power Boost Flex Getaway!

We have the following flex dates available:

June 3 | June 4 | June 7 | June 9 | June 10 | June 11 | June 12 | June 17 | June 21 | June 23 | June 24 | June 25 | June 26 | June 27 | June 28 | June 30


When summertime arrives at Sandy Cove, a getaway for you (and your family and friends if you like them) may be just the thing to give everyone a powerful boost of energy!


Register Now!

Call 410.287.5433 or 800.234.COVE (2683)


Dahlstrom book


FREE Book for every room!

The Map is Not the Journey by Richard Dahlstrom

Replace weariness with refreshment, obligations with passion, and staleness with joy. Twenty years of working the same job had created weariness. When a close friend died, weariness led to questions about faith, meaning, work, and life. Seeking answers, Richard hiked four hundred kilometers through the Alps in forty days.


The profoundly shaping experiences in our lives are often born out of the mundane rather than the spectacular, yet there is also great value in stepping away from "normal" life for a period of time. This is especially true for developing companionship with God, which is less about prescribed practices imposed by religious institutions, and more about being open to what God has to reveal through the beauty of creation, the challenge of trials, and the joy of companions. Richard's experiences and discoveries illustrate that we were all created for beauty, and opening ourselves to it every day is vital to keeping our faith fresh and alive.

What does a Power Boost Flex Getaway look like? 

We call it Flex because you can pick and choose dates that work for you!


Start by loading everyone and the suitcases into your car and driving to Sandy Cove!

Check in starts at 4 pm with dinner at 5:30 pm.
Your time is your own…no sessions to attend.


Choose to relax and just drag yourself to the Water’s Edge Dining Room for meals. Or you can choose to play, taking advantage of everything Sandy Cove has to offer during the summer months. Visit our activities page for a full list. Mini golf, volleyball, basketball, playgrounds, tennis, hiking, shuffleboard, disc (Frisbee) golf, softball and more – available anytime you want to play.


Scheduled hours for swimming/hot tub.


Prayer room is open 24 hours a day!

Power Boost Flex Packages

Rate includes one night lodging in the Chesapeake Lodge, 3 all-you-can-eat meals (dinner day of check in, breakfast and lunch* day of check out) and any and all available activities. Bay view and master/deluxe suite upgrades available.

$70 per adult 18 and up
+ $35 per 4-17 year old
Kids 0-3 are free!

*Please note: Sunday lunch is NOT included in a Saturday night Power Boost Flex stay. The meal is not being served.

Please call 800.234.2683 | 410.287.5433 to make a Power Boost Flex reservation

starting at $70 per adult

Treat yourself to an upgraded room!
Ask about beautiful bay view rooms and 2 room suites – a few with Jacuzzis!