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FEBRUARY 8-10, 2019

Valentine's Weekend


Give your Valentine the gift of time!

A Tandem Couples Weekend Getaway for Two…time to relax, talk and fall in love all over again.


People don’t fall out of love, they make choices. You can fan the flames, kill with neglect, or douse with water. Love is often a choice rather than a warm and fuzzy feeling. Let this weekend be the breath on a glowing ember! 

Kendra and Andy Fletcher

Kendra and Andy Fletcher


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It’s not often that you meet a couple who is willing to lay it all out there – the good, the bad, the ugly and the mess. But in a way that does not make you worried for them, and instead leaves you with hope and more focused on Jesus. When you find them, you just want to keep getting together for coffee because it is so encouraging, right? Well for us that’s the Fletchers, and that is what we are going to do – hang out with them in our (big) living room for the weekend, maybe have some coffee, and definitely be encouraged! We know you will enjoy Fletch and Kendra as much as we do.

Matt and Kim Goss

Matt and Kim Goss

Worship Leaders

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Matt has been on staff as Worship Pastor at LCBC Church in Manheim PA since 1999. In that time the church has grown from 700 to over 10,000 people in attendance each week! He is a featured worship leader and speaker at Integrity Music seminars and many other conferences each year and his songs are being sung in churches all over the world! 

Matt has been married to his wife Kim since 1996. Kim is also a prolific singer, songwriter, and worship leader. Her debut CD was released in February 2011. They have four beautiful children Isabella, Caleb, Lilah & Adeline.


Andrew Peterson

Saturday Night Concert Artist

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Hey, folks. If you're just discovering me or any of my work, it can be a little confusing because there are several facets to it. Here's the rundown:

  •  I write songs. I also record them to these cool things called CDs and put on concerts around the country. (And beyond! To my great delight, I get to play in Europe every year or so.)
  •  I write books. I've just completed a four-book fantasy series for young readers called The Wingfeather Saga. I also drew some of the pictures (but not the awesome ones).
  •  I'm the founder of the Rabbit Room, a community of songwriters, authors, and artists interested in storytelling, faith, and fellowship. We have a yearly conference called Hutchmoot, which is as strange and wonderful as it sounds.
  • I've been married for twenty-one years to Jamie, and we have three sweet children: Aedan (17), Asher (15), and Skye (13). We live in a magical place we call the Warren, just south of Nashville.

The common thread in all this is my love for Christ and his Kingdom, my belief in the power of story and art, and my need for family and community. If I had to boil it all down, I'd say this: I want to use my gifts to tell the truth, and to tell it as beautifully as I can.

That ought to get you started.

Overnight Rates are per couple and include two nights lodging in the Chesapeake Lodge or Log Cabins, six meals, snacks, program and activities.


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Want to arrive Thursday, February 7th or stay after Sunday night, February 10th? Please call 800.234.2683 to add either or both nights to your weekend package. The cost is just $50 per night per person and includes breakfast and lunch. 

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starting at $520 per couple

  • 1 Room
  • 2 Registrations
  • 2 Guests Per/Room
$520.00 Total

*Price subject to change via room choice. Total is owed at checkout within 30 days of the event. Over 30 days prior, $100 per person ($200) is owed at checkout.