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MARCH 2-4, 2018

Widow's Journey

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A weekend for women of any age who are WIDOWS
and at any point in their journey.  

People say, “Isn’t it wonderful he’s with the Lord,” and you want to yell, “No! He should be here with me.”


Spend a weekend with other women who have lost their husbands to death.  You will be with people who understand your journey.  Come share your heart and your hurt and be encouraged as we remind ourselves that, hard as it is, our God is able. Learn from women who are where you are, women who have weathered grief and difficult times.


Small Groups

During small group discussions, individuals will have the opportunity to briefly share the stories of their own widowhood and glean helpful tips from the experiences of others. Encouragement, smiles and tissues provided!  If you are not a widow and attending in support, please understand that the small groups are for Widows only.



Gayle Roper

Hostess and Speaker

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Gayle lost her husband Chuck in 2010 after forty-seven years of marriage and a three and a half year fight with cancer. Since then things have changed in many ways—new house, kids moved away from the area—but she has found life can still be interesting and worth living. Even eating out alone is manageable as long as you have a good book. Gayle is the author of numerous books including Widow’s Journey, also the title of her blog.

Gayle’s Website
Widow’s Journey Website

What I Didn’t Know

It doesn’t matter whether you have time to be prepared or whether death comes in an instant. Living with that loss is so much more than expected. Gayle has found five patterns that can help, even when the pain feels overwhelming. She has found that Jesus Never Fails!



Tammy Trent


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Tammy Trent is a recording artist and a speaker who has been a featured performer with Extraordinary Women and Women of Faith. She has appeared on TV and been the cover article of numerous magazines including Today’s Christian Women and was a featured profile in Focus on the Family.  The Christian Music Hall of Fame named her Inspirational Vocalist of the Year on two occasions. She is also an author.

Who Knew?

It has been over 15 years since Tammy stood on the edge of the water the morning of September 11, 2001, as her husband Trent's lifeless body was recovered. She has cried hundreds of buckets of tears since. She has cried out to God wishing that this new plan for her life was different, but she has also learned to walk with hope and faith in Him.
Pam Fleming

Pam Fleming


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Pam lost her husband Rick through suicide on March 15, 2009. They had been married and in ministry together for 25 years. Pam has a son and daughter as well as a daughter with the Lord. She has told her story in Lemons and Lace. She is a speaker, is involved in a ministry called Dashgirls, and has a podcast entitled Brand New Me.

Getting Off the Couch

Resuming life after the death of the one you love doesn’t come with instructions. Pam will share how she managed to move on with her life after the suicide of her husband Rick.

JIll Swanson

JIll Swanson

Image Consultant

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Jill has spent more than three decades helping both women and men feel empowered by finding the style that reflects their personal strengths and passions. She understands the second-guessing that many of us experience when we look in the mirror and feels most inspired when she sees clients blossom as they step into their lives with newfound confidence.

With an emphasis on accessible, on-budget fashion, Jill makes looking your best seem effortless. She allows people to see their current closets in a new light, and skillfully recommends new ways to wear, pair, and accessorize to get the maximum impact out of a wardrobe.

On stage, Jill is a makeover magician, showing how small changes can transform how people see themselves and how they are perceived by others. Audiences love her practical, try-at-home ideas and her humorous approach to fashion.

Companies large and small are drawn to Jill’s authentic ability to connect with audiences with messages that build image awareness and team communication skills. Her client list includes IBM, Hormel Foods, TransUnion and hundreds of others who have called on Jill to speak at events from luncheons to keynote presentations.

Through her video segments, webinars, DVDs and books, Simply Beautiful – Inside and Out and Out the Door in 15 Minutes, Jill consistently conveys the message that creating an image that reflects a person’s true self can be both life-affirming and fabulous!

Jill is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International, the National Speakers Association, Advanced Authors and Speakers and Christian women in Media. Jill lives in Minnesota with her husband and has two grown children.

New Life, New Look

Life has taken an unexpected and unwanted turn. Sometimes a new look can provide that spot of hope to give us courage to keep on keeping on. Make an appointment with image consultant Jill for that fascinating and excellent advice.

Joan VanBeveran

Joan VanBeveran


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Dave and Joan spent 25 years together as missionaries in the Amazon area of northern Brazil, providing flights in an evangelism and discipling outreach, and raising 4 children.  Joan continued for another 3 ½ years after Dave’s death in 1995, then returned to the US to help with training of new missionary appointees and sharing with college students in the southeast for several years.  An invitation from her local church began an exciting 10 years leading the women’s ministry.  Now retired and a grandmother of 9, she continues a full life - mentoring women, leading Bible studies, volunteering in a local school and at church, and seeing her family as often as possible!

One is a Whole Number

Even a 4 ½ yearlong journey through colorectal cancer with husband, Dave, did not prepare me for the significant change back to single living.  God very graciously and gently showed me key life lessons He had provided for me over the years that assured His presence and loving care in this new season of life. God does heal broken hearts and brings crucial healing to make us whole again, with fresh perspective and anticipation. He is a faithful Father and Husband!
Kathy Benjamin

Kathy Benjamin

Worship Leader

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Kathy Benjamin was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She met her late husband, Ken, in college where both graduated with degrees in music. Prior to his sudden death in 2004, Ken was on the music faculty of Philadelphia Biblical University for 28 years. Kathy loves to challenge others to trust God in the darkest hours of life because Jesus never fails. She’ll be leading us in praise and worship.
*All rates are per person and include two nights lodging in the Chesapeake Lodge, six meals, snacks, program and activities.


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Sandy Cove is a great place to be in a snowstorm – big windows next to a fireplace, a generator to keep the electricity on, staff who will shovel out your car. Some of our best programs have been in blizzards! But if it gets REALLY bad, (like it does about every 5 years) and you just can’t make it here, our cancellation policy for those extreme weather circumstances is very lenient.