MARCH 3-5, 2017

Widow's Journey


Being a widow is to be in a very lonely place.

People say, “Isn’t it wonderful he’s with the Lord,” and you want to yell, “No! He should be here with me.”


Spend a weekend with other widows where you are with people who understand. Come share your heart and your hurt and be encouraged as we remind ourselves that, hard as it is, our God is able. Learn from women who are where you are, women who have weathered grief and difficult times.


This weekend is for widows of all ages and at any point in the journey.


Small Groups

During small group discussions, individuals will have the opportunity to briefly share their own stories and glean helpful tips from the experiences of others. Encouragement, smiles and tissues provided!



Gayle Roper


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Gayle Roper lost her husband Chuck after a three and a half year fight with cancer. Even though she had time to face her impending future, she was unprepared for the loss of identity and the loss of love. She survived by holding tight to God’s hand. Gayle is the author of numerous books including Widow’s Journey, also the title of her blog.

Gayle’s Website
Widow’s Journey Website


Kathy Benjamin

Musician/Worship Leader

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Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kathy met her late husband, Ken Benjamin, in college where both graduated with degrees in music. Prior to his sudden death in 2004, Ken was on the music faculty of Philadelphia Biblical University for 28 years.

Kathy loves to challenge others to trust God in the darkest hours of life because Jesus Never Fails!


Doreen Hanna


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Doreen lost her husband Chad in 2014 after 43 years of marriage, many of those years marred by alcoholism. They have two daughters and four grandchildren.

Doreen is a women’s bible study teacher and is the Founder & President of Modern Day Princess Ministries. Their mission statement is “Empowering Women to Equip Our Girls.”

Rediscovering me! A new widow can look at this season with dread, fear and anger or as a new journey in which we discover or rediscover the gifts and talents God has placed within us. As we begin to use them, we can move forward hand in hand with the Lover of our Soul, enjoying this new season with Him.

Pat Denson


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Pat’s husband Chuck died in 1992 of a brain tumor at 45 years of age, leaving her to raise her children, Anna and Gary.

Pat began her career at ABC Television and today is the writer and director of more than 20 documentaries. This year she is serving as story creator and director of the feature film, King of the Cannibals, for which her son Gary will be executive producer. The film will be shot in Queensland in partnership with Screen Australia and Creation Pictures.

The Perfect Man will remind us that Jesus is our First Love. When we have our loves in order, He will bring us through life, no matter how difficult.

Connie Milchling


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Connie was married to Brad Leachman for 18 years. In the fall of 2004 while working on a construction site at an orphanage Guatemala, Brad died. She was thrust into the journey of being a widow. After several years of being alone, she married Greg Milchling, a wonderful Christian man who had been a single father for almost 10 years. Along with Greg, came the blessing of a stepson and stepdaughter and her first dog ever.

Connie joined her church staff in the fall of 2000 and serves as the Executive Producer of Living Word Community Church, overseeing the Worship Arts ministry, and as the staff resource for Living Word Women, helping women make increasingly wise and healthy choices.

Hope! We will consider when hope is lost, where hope is found, why hope is needed and how hope is sustained as we join with David in saying, “Find rest, O my soul in God alone; my hope comes from Him” (Psalm 62:5).

Karen O'Connor


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Karen’s husband Charles died on March 6, 2015 of ‘undifferentiated carcinoma’ (in other words, no source, no known type, no cure). They had been married for 32 years in what was a second marriage for each. They have five grown children.

Karen has been a professional writer for more than forty years with more than 70 books to her credit including the popular Senior Moments books, as well as hundreds of magazine articles and blogs. She teaches at writers conferences and speaks at women’s events.

Chapter Three will share Karen’s story of meeting Charles, marrying him, living with him, and now living without him. She will share how they met Jesus and what this meant to them then and means to her now. She’ll also share a last ‘love letter’ she received after Charles died, which he had written some seven years before.
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