DECEMBER 3-4, 2017

Christmas Fling & Luncheon


Ladies…come kick off the Christmas Season at Sandy Cove with Frances Drost!

It’s that time of year to be festive and excited…Christmas is coming! As a child we were so excited for those gifts. What would be under the tree? As adults, we still love those presents! But we also love to rejoice in the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus.


Join us for our Christmas Fling which includes a Sunday night dinner and concert program, an overnight getaway, and full Monday morning program with Frances including lunch.

Or if you can't make it to the whole Fling, make sure you come for the Christmas Luncheon on Monday!


"Mary Christmas!"

Deliver Jesus to your home, community and world using your unique personality and gifts!

Most women would never place themselves in the same category as the Mother of Jesus. But Frances believes each woman bears the imprint and image of God in them through their unique personality and gifts. Come and find out how to bring a “Mary Christmas” to your home, community and world.


Each session builds on the previous session so please plan to come for the whole experience or you will miss out on the full impact of this special event.


Sunday night concert


In order to deliver Jesus to anyone else, you must first stop to ponder what Jesus is doing within you. Are you truly experiencing the joy of Christmas in your own heart?


Through songs and very personal stories, Frances Drost will share, with refreshing honesty, her own disillusionment with Christmas and how simply skipping "Christmas" one year changed her whole outlook on the holiday. She stopped to “take another look” and the result was life-changing.

Now she brings that story to the stage at Sandy Cove. Don’t miss this tender and inspiring story.


Monday morning devotional


Delivering Jesus to the world using our personality and gifts means we must be clear on where our gifts come from! So how do you know for sure that what you carry in your heart is really from God and not just your own idea? In this session you will learn ways to discern God’s plan for you.


Monday Luncheon

3.) WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? | Overcoming intimidation

In this final session, we will address two areas where intimidation will challenge you when you step out to carry Jesus to your home, community and world and how to overcome them.


You can bring a "Mary Christmas" to your area of influence, no matter what age you are!


The Christmas Fling includes…

  • Delicious Meals: Sunday dinner, Monday breakfast and lunch
  • Two full programs – Sunday evening and Monday
  • The company of your sister-friends as we worship the Savior
  • An overnight stay in Sandy Cove’s Chesapeake Lodge overlooking the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay

The Christmas Luncheon includes…

  • Delicious buffet lunch on Monday
  • Monday's program 
  • Lots of laughter and sweet fellowship

Frances Drost

Special Guest

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"Take years of life experiences distilled into “three minute messages” of lyric and melody, interwoven with story-telling and you get the unique ministry of singer/songwriter and speaker, Frances Drost.

As both a singer and songwriter, Frances has a unique way of presenting real-life experiences and meaningful messages that are subtly woven throughout her music. In fact, it has been said, “Be careful about inviting Frances to your home; she may write a song about you.”

As a worship leader and concert artist, she has shared many platforms with well known author and Women of Faith speaker, Carol Kent. She has also shared the stage with Kay Arthur, Dee Brestin, Ruth Graham, Margaret Feinberg, Bonnie Keen and Ellie Lofaro.

As a songwriter for Songs of Love, a nonprofit organization that connects songwriters with terminally ill children, Frances has composed and recorded hundreds of songs for families with their child as the star of the song. “I understand that music is a powerful, God-given tool which touches people and I greatly enjoy using my gifts to minister to listening hearts.”

Frances has 7 CD projects and several singles available for purchase both on her website and other sites such as iTunes, CD Baby, etc. “Portraits of White,” a holiday release, is a beautiful wintery mix of familiar carols and new tunes, instrumentals and vocals. You will enjoy the sounds of Christmas on this project.

“Portraits of White” has actually turned into more than just a CD project; it is now a beautiful piano/orchestral winter concert which people are calling “the highlight of their holiday” and is Harrisburg Pennsylvania's Holiday Hit!

Her newest project released in 2016 titled “Brand New Me” is an audio-journal of the work God has been doing in her life in the past decade and challenges audiences to believe that God can still change a heart and make you into a new creation no matter how old you are.

Frances was the winner of the 2009 Momentum Award for “Female Artist Of The Year” and also nominated for “Inspirational Artist Of The Year” at the 2009 Momentum Awards ceremony in Nashville, TN."

Visit Frances' website

NO Rate increase for 2017!

* All rates are per person and include one night lodging in the Chesapeake Lodge, Sunday dinner, Monday breakfast and lunch, snack, all programming Sunday and Monday including Christian Women’s Fellowship luncheon.

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