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ministry leaders

Ministry Leaders need to avoid burnout!

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As you lead your ministry...whether as a senior pastor, youth leader/pastor, VBS director, women's ministry coordinator (you name it!)...we encourage you to take the time and space to care for yourself. In the midst of rushing from meeting to meeting, caring for your team, and ministering to the families in your church/parachurch, it is so easy to burnout. To just feel like giving up. To be so tired that you neglect yourself and sometimes your own family. Guard against it! Schedule time to just take a deep breath, talk to God and let Him recharge your batteries to return to lead with renewed energy and focus!

Sandy Cove offers Mini Sabbaticals throughout the year.

Mini Sabbaticals are discounted Sunday night - Tuesday morning stays (yes, trying to schedule around Sunday morning worship and Tuesday night committee meetings!) that allow you to take mini sabbaticals. No program. No meetings. Do whatever the Lord leads you to do. It might be catching up on your sleep! It might be reading or writing a book. It might be an intensive prayer retreat - just you and God. 

We'll provide 3 meals on Monday and breakfast on Tuesday. 

Dates are added on a regular basis, so keep checking our Event Calendar for a Mini Sabbatical that works for you!