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Marriage Intensive Application

Dear Service Member, 

Thank you for your dedication and service to our country!

We genuinely appreciate your inquiry about our Operation Oasis ministry to military families. The purpose of this ministry is to help military families reconnect following the long and challenging separation caused by war…and to say, “Thank you and welcome home!”

We understand that marriages often suffer as a result of your service to our country. The Marriage Intensive program is an in-depth time of sorting through many of the issues that couples face.

Operation Oasis was originally established for men and women in uniform who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIR) and/or Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). It has now been modified to include any member of the armed services who has been deployed overseas away from their family (hardship tour).

First, please call Jeff at House on the Rock Family Ministries: 717.299.8969 or email info@hotrfm.org to discuss the Marriage Intensives, and whether that would be a good fit for you.

Second, fill out this simple application below.

Once your application is approved by Sandy Cove, you will receive a scholarship for $2,500 OFF of the $3,000 cost of the Marriage Intensive!

Sandy Cove will notify Jeff at House on the Rock, who will take payment of your $500 balance (or even work out a payment plan with you), get you officially signed up, scheduled, and help you start preparing for your time at Sandy Cove!

Oasis Marriage Intensive Application