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Fun! Excitement! Friends! Learning! Challenges! Spiritual Growth!


All in an environment designed specifically for kids (and sometimes their moms and dads!).

Camp Sandy Cove
Overnight and day camp for boys and girls near Winchester, VA

Marsh Day Camp
Toad-ally awesome day camp for boys and girls at Sandy Cove in North East, MD

Catapult: APRIL and OCTOBER
A weekend at Sandy Cove in North East, MD for dads and their 10-13 year old boys

Father & Son Man Camp
A weekend for boys and their dads/grandpas at Camp Sandy Cove near Winchester, VA

Father & Son Working Man Camp
A FREE weekend – calling all “men” to help get Camp Sandy Cove ready for the summer!

Mother & Daughter Camp
A getaway weekend for girls and their moms / aunts / grandmas to connect, play and worship at Camp Sandy Cove!

Sandy Cove Youth 

Children are our future! And investing time and energy into our kids is vitally important. Even more important is investing into their spiritual health…to lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior and then to help them establish a real relationship with Him.

Sometimes that is best done by sending that boy or girl to Camp – where other trained adults and counselors can pour into their lives. You know how every now and then, as moms and dads, we just can’t seem to get through to our kids?! A change of scenery, a change of authority figure, someone else telling them the exact same thing, can sometimes be just what is needed to make the light bulb come on! So consider The Marsh Day Camp if you are local to Sandy Cove in North East, Maryland, or send your child to Camp Sandy Cove near Winchester, Virginia for an unforgettable overnight camp.

Other times, the best thing we can do as mom or dad is invest a weekend wholly devoted to our child. No distractions of home or homework or chores. Just a weekend away exploring new things and experiencing life together – a perfect setting for great conversations and serious moments sharing our faith with those most dear to us.